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A complete range of hair coloring products: coloring, lightening and decoloring creams that deliver perfect color results and maximum comfort while protecting the hair’s natural beauty. The hair coloring products you have been looking for to provide your clients with gentle, effective salon treatments!

  A safe, reliable system comprising an invaluable combination of natural ingredients and high tech. New, even more effective formulas for a fast, technically perfect color treatment. Rich, uniform color, longer lasting brilliant highlights and greater protection and comfort during application.
  KAPETIL COLOUR is the new mask in seven “nuance colours”, that in just three minutes: - REVIVES THE COLOUR; - NOURISHES; - BRIGHTENS.
  Perfect color, silky movement. Innovative ammonia-free Nourishing Cream Hair Color: all shades cover grey hair perfectly without altering the natural nuances. The result is color without imperfections: cover, uniformity, elegance and naturalness.
  The treatment to recommend for all hair types, whether natural or chemically processed, when the hair has lost body and shine and the fibres are particularly damaged and lifeless. The only professional treatment that REGENERATES color and RECONSTRUCTS the hair fibre at the same time. Ammonia and oxidant-free.
  INFUSION COLOR is the latest permanent cosmetic coloring line composed by a range of 60 luminous shades, from the natural ones to the most fashionable, to be used pure or mixed together in order to create new, trendy reflections.