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Buyer Privacy Information

We are aware of the importance of maintaining confidentiality and are grateful to users of the site for trusting us with their personal data. On this page, your attention is presented with information about what data we receive from users, as well as what measures to ensure confidentiality are present on the site.

Confidentiality of information

The site was designed with all the security measures that apply to information management systems via the Internet. While working with the site, users can be absolutely sure of complete confidentiality, since the site complies with modern methods of maintaining security when transferring data, as well as storing information.

The site maintains strict confidentiality when placing orders. The information is reliably stored and protected from transmission to unauthorized persons who do not participate in the process of processing orders and the provision of services and services by the site.

Consent to the processing of user data is the use of the site in any form - whether it is viewing information on the site, or whether it is a subscription to a newsletter, or this is an order, or this is any other type of interaction between the user, user programs and applications with the site.

User personal data

The user's personal data includes his personal information, namely: surname, name, patronymic, e-mail (e-mail), contact phone number, country for delivery, address for delivery, as well as technical information about the user's equipment and other information. This information is necessary for the implementation of the main work of the site, namely the placing of the order and its transfer to the supplier, the implementation of news and information mailings and other services provided by the site.

Information obtained from magazines

If the user uses the site in any form, the servers automatically save the received information. It is stored in the server’s log and contains data about the IP address of the computer, the requested page, browser language settings, browser type, time and date of the request, as well as the number of cookies and their data that are associated exclusively with the site, allowing you to accurately identify the client’s browser and other technical information.

User posts

We keep all letters and messages of users sent to those. support. This helps us improve our site and other services.


Site staff provides links in a format that helps track user activity. This approach helps to improve the quality of the site.

As well as...

We responsibly treat your right to privacy, therefore we optimized the site as comfortable as possible for the user.

We guarantee that the received user data will not be transmitted to persons who are not involved in the processing of the order and in the process of providing services and services by the site, with the exception of cases prescribed by applicable law.

The user has the right to refuse the processing of personal data. In this case, we guarantee the removal of all personal data from the site within three days during working hours. The client can issue such a refusal with a simple email to the address indicated on the page of our site.

We look forward to working with you and wish you all the best!