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State-of-the-art hydrating, nourishing and reinvigorating treatmentsspecific products for hair loss prevention and for treating all hair and scalpconditions. Shampoos, masks, serums: beauty elixirs made even more effective by innovative formulas containing precious ingredients, of which Argan oil is just one.
Discover hair treatments that are the result of Helen Seward advanced cosmetic research!  Incomparable solutions, designed specifically to meet clients’ expectations in the salon.

  Technology re-works Mediterranean traditions in targeted solutions for hair care and beauty. Selected natural ingredients native to the Mediterranean basin are combined with state of the art high-tech active compounds. From scientific research come innovative formulas and high-performance professional products that are completely safe and environmentally friendly.
  RegenElisir is the latest news from the HS Laboratories, an innovative treatment with a lifting effect, to beeasily performed at home, with Bio-Tech Hyaluronic Acid and Vegetal Collagen. Argan Elisir is a treatment line for all hair types that combines the virtues of Argan Oil with the properties of Omegablue® oil. KeratElisir is the treatment line that regenerates frizzy hair, as it reconstructs hair fiber and restores hair’s original silkiness and shine.With KERADINE-COMPLEX® ,a truly valuable combination of CHERATINE + KERADYN HHTM* Chroma Elisir is the specific line intended for colored hair and hair with highlights, with high moisturizing, color protective action. With Helio-Complex + Blueberry Extract.
  All Emulpon Salon products combine a marked cosmetic effect with effective action. Three different treatments for different hair types – moisturizing, nourishing and vitamin-rich – to restore body and shine.
  Seward Mediter BIO PERFORMANCE is born, the new Professional line for hair with tested for efficacy organic Extracts. Available in the best salons worldwide.
  Simplicity, elegance and respect are the key words defining DOMINO, a range dedicated to the modern man who wants to care for his skin, hair and beard with no compromises. Products for treatment, styling and shaving which ensure an impeccable look without foregoing the feeling of total well-being. Guaranteed by high-performance professional formulas, the result of continuous research combining naturally Mediterranean sourced raw materials and technological complexes. With the unmistakeable made in Italy hallmark of excellence, of course.
  PROFESSIONAL TREATMENTS FOR NATURAL HAIR CARE Helen Seward’s research and experience has resulted in SYNEBI the hair care range with a targeted action to meet the need for all-round safe treatments with a professional result. THE SIMPLICITY OF NATURE AT THE SERVICE OF HAIR The SYNEBI formulas ensure the best performance for hair care treatment. SYNEBI products also contain natural ingredients selected for their treatment properties, exclusively derived from certified organic farming processes. Sulfate free / parabens free / no formaldehyde releasers / no colorants / no added salts.