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RegenElisir is the latest news from the HS Laboratories, an innovative treatment with a lifting effect, to beeasily performed at home, with Bio-Tech Hyaluronic Acid and Vegetal Collagen.

Argan Elisir is a treatment line for all hair types that combines the virtues of Argan Oil with the properties of Omegablue® oil.

KeratElisir is the treatment line that regenerates frizzy hair, as it reconstructs hair fiber and restores hair’s original silkiness and shine.With KERADINE-COMPLEX® ,a truly valuable combination of CHERATINE + KERADYN HHTM*

Chroma Elisir 
is the specific line intended for colored hair and hair with highlights, with high moisturizing, color protective action. With Helio-Complex + Blueberry Extract.